About SocialWorkplaces.com

Thousands of new work environments have been sprouting up the last years, supporting the development of communities of professionals in every industries. Fablabs, incubator, accelerators and, of course, coworking spaces, are reshaping the face of cities and town all over the globe.

As technology has become ubiquitous and networks a commodity, the function of the workplace has changed. The workplace is a platform for social interactions. It leaves room for emotion, peer sharing, collaboration and connection, based on skill or personal affinities. It support the development of powerful communities that structure up local ecosystems and can be connected with other ones, in the close neighborhood or far abroad.

Social Workplaces are the physical nods where the new generation of knowledgable connected workers both find meaning in work, well-being as well as are amplified in terms of business operations and goals.

SocialWorkplaces.com number 1 mission is to connect the dots between these rising workplace communities

SocialWorkplaces.com is in the Coworking business since 2009.

The company organizes Coworking Europe conferences, the oldest coworking conference worldwide, which gather every year close to 500 coworking stakeholders from more than 40 countries. In 2015, the company launched the Cowering Africa conference and, more recently, create Coworking India, Coworking Middle East as well as a premium event called « The Social Workplace Conference ».

SocialWorkplaces.com produces data, insight and knowledge on the the social workplace phenomenon, regarding both best practices and the economical and societal impact of the fast growing industry.

Eventually, the Brussels, Belgium, based company is keen to activate cross workplace actions between relevant peer communities wherever they might be and whatever the connection layer might be between those